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We produce and supply high quality handcrafted hardware products ranging from Door Handles, Door Knobs, Cabinet Knobs, Pull Handles, Cabinet Knobs, Hooks etc and welcome our buyers to contribute to our design collection and use our services.


Special Project Designs


We welcome custom designed products for specific projects irrespective of the quantities. Please feel free to contact us in case of any requirements

Customised Hardware


If you are looking to change colour/design/shape/size and get any product out of our own collection please feel free to contact us.

New Product Development


Please contact us in case you have any new innovative idea and want to transform it to actual product please let us know and will help you out in brining your idea to relaity.



If you feel that a change here or there could completely change the product or make it better we are there to implement it. Please do let us improve!!

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