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We at IMW are passionate about our handcrafted designs and finish. We specialize in designer hardware products like door handles, door knobs, cabinet knobs, pull handles, floor registers and grills.

We also do hand forged iron handles, knobs, hinges and other products.


The current product range is the result of very hard work in achieving the innovative product designs and finishes. We are proud to bring out the handicraft designs which could not be used for making hardware products but with constant experimentation we have been able to do thick clear coating over the handicraft designs to introduce them into hardware with durable finish and brining out the intricate designs. The best part is the total range is colorful and customizable 


Our other handcrafted designs are very finely made to see that every product detail is finely made and finished without any short cuts. 


We have a long experience of serving the international markets since 1993 when the present company was started. Our mission is to produce beautifully designed and finished products that are liked by end users at competitive prices.


We always welcome designs and ideas of our esteemed customers for development to make the collection more meaningful. 

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